Fall in Love With Your Home Business

Fall in Love with you Home Business and fuel it with Passion.

Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

So let me tell you my story. I was in my little nail shop and the most vibrant woman walked in. She was happy, full of life and vibrant. Every nail tech in the shop knew her as they all greeted her and listened intently to the tail of her new adventures over the weekend. I could not help but to smile as I watched and listened to her. She just had a spark about her and completely full of life.

She finally sat down to get her nails done and the tech asked her what was around her neck. She said something like” oh this thing, it’s one of those Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up devices”. She then goes into another vibrant explanation about how she lives alone and is afraid of falling and no one coming to find her for days. She said it was her mothers and she took over the account when she passed. She then continued talking about how she loves her life and that she has lots of friends but usually meets her friends out instead of them coming to her house. She simply stated that she just wanted to have a backup at home should anything happen to her.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am in full support of this system. I think it is a great idea, especially for those who live alone. I am sure I will need one eventually because I am single with no prospect in my life to change that status. Trust me; I am also perfectly fine with that too.

Have you fallen for your home business?

After a few minutes, my mind starts racing like it usually does and I started tuning out her next story. I then came up with the idea for this blog. My question to you is, if you own your own business – Have you fallen in love with your business and what you do that you can’t and won’t give it up?

This device is a lot of individual’s life line. What a great concept! So is your business your life line and are you willing to do what it takes to ensure its success? If you have not fallen in love with the idea of being an entrepreneur you are missing the boat. Owning your own business and working for yourself, you have to be motivated, self driven and a go getter but you have to be in love with what you do. Period!

Have the passion for your home based business!

If you do not love what you do and you talk to others about it, they will see right through you and they will see your lack of love for your business. This is called passion. Do you have passion for your business? This passion is what gets you customers, followers, subscribers, leads, distributors, consultants…

Falling in love with your business gets you out of bed every day. Having the passion for your business keeps you going through the day. This passion will get you through the hundreds of lead calls where you get yelled at or hung up on. This passion will get you through all the No’s to get to that one Yes! This passion will help you when friends and family just don’t understand why you are doing what you’re doing and tell you to just get a J.O.B. (Just Over Bills). This passion is the fuel for your business, just like a car needs gas. Your business needs your passion. If you continue to put passion into your love (your business) this will turn your first dollar into a hundred then into a thousand then into a hundred thousand then into a million and beyond! Yes, this passion will line your pockets, bank accounts and retirement accounts with all the money you desire.

So let me ask you, is your love and passion strong enough to bring you millions of dollars into your bank accounts?

So Help! I’ve fallen for my home business and I don’t want to get up.

I have always wanted to get into network marketing and am fairly new. I started part time, fumbling around mostly but decided to go full time and go all in. Network marketing is a high learning curve but so rewarding and worth it. I have also learned that at the point of giving up you need to fire up and give it more because that is where great things happen.

I have a passion for training and mentoring others along the way too. I have learned so much along the way, my team will benefit from this first hand. Team training will be conducted so everyone’s learning curve is smoother and they are as successful as where there love and passion is for their business. I can never guarantee someone else’s success or failure, they need to do that. I can give them the training and tools to get them there if they want it bad enough.

So, let me ask you. Are you in love with your business? What does your passion gauge show? How bad do you want success? If you are ready to start your own business and get out of whatever situation you are in right now, then we need to talk ASAP!

I am looking for Team Leaders, ready to fall in love with owning their business and being an entrepreneur. I need motivated and passionate individuals to fuel this love to ensure they are successful and will work hard until they have gotten where they want to be.

If this is you, go to my website and contact me TODAY! Team Ruggeri awaits you!

Lisa Ruggeri, leader and trainer

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