Moving Towards Your Life Goals

You deserve your greatest future

It is a well know fact that we all get stuck in a rut from time to time. Our inner ability to moving forward and the yearning for something greater is what determines how long we stay in this rut. We are not designed to live a mediocre life but a life where living to the fullest is essential. This life enlightens us with knowing our purpose on earth, how we can help and serve others and bringing out the best within those around us. Imagine living a life where you are blessed to the point others seek you out for your help and wisdom. To move your life from out of a rut to your fullest potential you have to look at the importance of setting goals, understanding life stressors that may come up and learning to dream big when it comes to our life and our future.

Setting goals

Setting goals for ourselves can be the one major factor in moving our lives forward on a continual basis. If you don’t have a destination, how will you know where to go? Think of setting goals as the GPS unit for your life. There are different kinds of goals that you need to think about and set. You need to have long term, intermediate and short term goals.

Long term goals are taking a deep look into your future; say 10 to 20 years from now. Where would you like to be? The answer is different for each of us so make sure you have your life and goals in mind when you think about your future. If you are married, have long term goals for yourself and with you partner.

Intermediate goals may be for around the 5 to 10 year mark. Where do want to be in 5 years as you move towards your long term goals. Look at the intermediate goals as stepping stones to your long term goals.

In looking at the short term goals, there are different time frames here to look at. You can start with a one year and three year set of goals. Then you have monthly, weekly and daily goals. Your short term goals are clear and precise stepping stones to move you forward to intermediate and long term goals. Take time each day and month to lay out your short term goals. Ask yourself this question, what can I do today or this month that moves me toward my goals. Each and every day you should have at least three things you can do that moves you forward towards your goals.

Life stressors

We all have life stressors that come up and temporarily halt our goals. If you have a clear picture of what you want to do and have set all the different stages of goals then you can keep focused and moving forward. Life stressors can be viewed as situations that need to be dealt with then back to moving forward. We all will have life stressors that will come up, but we don’t have to let them take over and control our life completely. By having goals set you will be able to keep your focus forward and continue moving towards your goals.

Realizing your dreams

If you have your goals firmly set and can manage through all the life stressors that come your way, you are well on your way in realizing your dreams. It is ok to dream what you want in your life and dreaming big is mandatory. The key is keeping your eyes focused forward and not turning back and looking at your life from the rear view mirror. You can’t change your past, but you can live your present and focus on where you want to be in your future.

Philippians 3:14 says “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead”.

Each and every one of us deserves to be living the life we were destined to be living. Living this life sometimes takes courage, perseverance, timing, life lessons, determination, support…

Action steps to moving forward into your dream life

To move forward and out a rut you might currently be in, setting goals are the stepping stones to get your life where you want to be. Write down and take some kind of action step every day that will get you closer to your dream. No step is ever wasted. All steps whether large or small is a step towards living the life you are destined to be living. Keep your eyes forward and continue taking those steps daily.

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