The IRS Called, They Want Their Money!

The IRS called, they want their money!

Tax increases, more taxes, raise in social security taxes… I am seeing it all over the news. I am hearing it from all of my working friends. I am reading it all over social media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… Higher taxes are here and they are here to stay.
So have you received your first paycheck yet? How hard were you hit with the rising taxes? The talk amongst my friends, I am hearing an average of $300-500 a month less in their paycheck.

Now what do you do with the rise in taxes?

I have posted in the social media avenues and written blogs about possible solutions. Do you realize starting your own home based business is the best way to offset the rise in these taxes? If you absolutely love your job and don’t want to quit, then do a home business part time at night and on the weekends. If you dislike your job for the numerous reasons most Americans do, start a home based business is a great Plan B. You can work your home based business part time until you build it to full time income, then at that point quit your job. I consider a J.O.B. (Just Over Bills).

This is a workable plan of action and so many are jumping the corporate ship to work from home. I can think of so many benefits to this other than the tax benefits.

– You are in control of your own schedule.
– You work your schedule around your kids/family.
– You can raise your kids instead of day care providers.
– No more driving through rush hour traffic.
– No more sitting in a cubicle.
– No more fear of getting laid off or have your paycheck cut.

So what is holding you back from starting your home based business?:

Fear was what held me back for so long. I was not sure if I could do it. Did I have the right knowledge and tools to be successful?

I am sure there are so many other reasons, but the biggest one I find is simply just fear.

Let’s conquer your fear!

I want you to visualize you working your own home based business from the comfort of your home office. The kids are in school. The bills are being paid. You are funding your own retirement account. You are planning on the summer vacation. Can you picture this? If you can, then you have forward thinking and you are perfect to join my team. I cannot stress the importance of forward thinking and how it plays a key role to the success of your own business. I will go over more on this in a bit.

Now, how do we get from where you are right now to where you want to be? I will be open and up front with you right from the beginning. Is this hard work, yes! Will you feel like you can’t do it, yet! Will you get frustrated, yes! I am only saying this because there is no magic system to make you a millionaire over night. You will have to continue plugging away and working hard. If you do this, you will be successful. What else will ensure your success? How about joining a team where everyone supports each other. We are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. If we get together frequently, either in person or on a webinar so everyone is staying plugged in and getting the most current information to build their business. We also need to have weekly training and monthly advanced training. This will give everyone new ideas for their own business, what is working what is not…

Promoting the team and providing advanced training is my dedication to everyone who joins my team. As leaders start to emerge, then they can also start provide training as well. Let’s build a team where no member is left behind. Times are already tough out there; this doesn’t have to be if we build a supportive and active team.

So now what do you do? Go to my website and fill in your information under contact me now. I want to talk with you on the phone and get you onto my team today! Don’t let fear hold you back; it truly is not worth the rest of your life.

Lisa Ruggeri, leader and trainer

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