Top 10 Reasons to Own Your Own Business

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It is the end of 2012. I want you to ask yourself and be completely honest. Are you where you truly want to be in your life? If you have survived the market down turn, layoffs and the real estate crash you are probably happy to be right where you’re at. Now ask yourself, are you happy? I want you to take a moment and do some soul searching.

I had a full time job that I absolutely loved. I just did not want to sit behind the desk, punching someone else’s time clock any more. I was happy but knew my destiny was somewhere else. This is why I took the jump to owning my own businesses. Now I work for myself, completely and truly loving life. It has been hard, I will be honest with you but worth it in every way. I work harder now for myself than I ever did punching someone else’s time clock. The pay off now goes into my own pocket.

I want to give you the top ten reasons why it makes sense to start and own your own business. I read the other day that most millionaires are created in the worst market times and they are doing it in the direct sales marketing industry. I have always asked myself, if they can do it then why can’t I! As you read this, are you asking yourself why you can’t? Let’s get into the reasons now.

1.  You’ll never get laid off again.

You are your own boss and your success and destiny is now completely in your control. You are in charge and work for yourself. This is the purest form of freedom anyone can feel.

2.  You can stop asking your boss for a raise and give yourself one.

You can work hard and watch your business grow, as your business grows so does your income. When we work for someone else, we work harder and harder for them and get paid the same amount while we make the company more money. This transformation moving from working for someone else and working for yourself is mind numbing. The excitement and validation knowing this was the right move is when our income grows and we see it as a direct result from our hard work.

3.  You can write off that new laptop, smart phone, printer, home office…

The tax write offs owning your own business is overwhelming. Getting into business for your self has so many benefits and this is one of them. Make sure you have a great accountant that guides you as you set everything up.

4.  You can unplug and work anywhere there’s WIFI connection.

This is the benefit I love most. I love to travel and can combine my work and my travel. Yes, I need to get onto the computer while I am cruising around the Caribbean for a couple of hours a day but I am in the Caribbean, it’s worth it. The freedom of being able to do that is priceless. I don’t know how much vacation companies give but owning your own business you never have to worry about that again. I travel and work all the time. My friends and family are use to it.

5.  There’s never been a cheaper time to start a business.

There are so many direct sales businesses out there right now. Would I love you to get into mine, of course! I am a huge believer in the fact that you must be a complete believer in your business and product 100%. You must have the passion and drive to be successful. So find the business and get that passion and drive to grown your business.

6.  There’s a huge talent pool just waiting to be tapped.

Stop for a moment right now and look around at what is going on out there in the economy. People are losing their homes, their jobs and their families are suffering and hurting. They are looking and searching for something to pull them up and out of their situation. Jobs are tough to get. The pool of people with talent and the drive are huge out there. We need to find a way to get to them, have them join our teams and help them grow their business. This must be a team effort and the up line leaders must be devoted to each and everyone they bring on. This is a team effort and we must commit to the growth as a team. Do you have the leadership ability in you to help and mentor others grow their business and become leaders to then turn and help other.

7.  Consumers and businesses have started spending again.

The economy is starting to turn around some right now. I still feel there are a lot of people out there jobless and hurting but so many are starting to pull up from losing their homes and jobs. We can still be a driving force to building our team and reaching out to helping others start and grow their business. The true American dream is to prosper, why not prosper by owning our own business.

8.  Capitol has started flowing again for smaller businesses.

The growths of small business are exploding right now. I see this as people sick of the corporate world running their destiny, their pay and whether the fact they have a job or not. America is full of entrepreneurs and leaders. These people want to be in control of their own lives and take charge so they will never again be in a situation they have been in the past 5 years. We are standing up against what was and making changes for a better life. This is truly the American dream.

9.  Sellers will lend you money to buy their business.

This was listed in the article. I have not taken a loan out to start my business and am not sure what the banks are doing right now with the market the way it is. If you are in a situation where you need to get loans, I hope you can find a funding source. Keep in mind you may need to get a bit more creative if the banks are saying no. You can look into investors from other sources if you need to. Keep an open mind and turn over all leaves to find your unique funding source.

10. You can finally set your inner entrepreneur free.

This reason is the main reason people start their own businesses. Yes, they had a great idea or a great opportunity but they have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and own their own business. Is this you? Are you ready to take control of your destiny, not only for yourself but for your family?

I took these top 10 reasons from an article published February 11, 2011 in The Wall Street Journal, under the running a business section. The article is called “10 Reasons to Start A Business this Year”. These top 10 reasons were published a year ago and still really good reasons.

2013 will be some major changes for Americans;

  • Our taxes will drastically go up
  • Obamacare goes into effect
  • Our country is jumping off a financial cliff
  • I can go on and on

If you have ever wanted to start your own business but don’t know where to start, I can help. If you are still hesitant and would just like to talk about this opportunity then I am here to talk and answer any questions you may have too. This is a huge step and I completely understand your hesitation. I have always wanted to start my own business for years and finally jumped and took the plunge. I have not looked back and have no regrets.

Contact me today and let’s talk on the phone to see where you would like to be this time next year!

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